One of the objectives of the TEDI project is to standardise the various processes related to Drug Checking.

The following guidelines are developed to achieve this goal:

Factsheet on Drug Checking in Europe: This publication assembles the answers to many frequently asked questions concerning Drug Checking. The aim is to give a concise overview of Drug Checking today.

Guidelines of Drug Checking Methodology: A list of the various techniques currently being used by Drug Checking programs.

The aims of this guideline are: 1) to help services that might be interested in implementing a Drug Checking Program, 2) to provide complementary information to services that are actually proposing such a service 3) to standardize the methodologies developed in Europe, making the results comparable and  service-able for extended application.

The aim of the TEDI Drug Checking Consultation and Counselling Guidelines is to enable professionals who work with recreational drug users to detect problematic risk behaviour earlier and to improve the response times of any necessary personal support they may offer. These guidelines are based on the best practice experiences of the European Drug Checking Services who are members of the TEDI network. This is TEDI's initial effort in the area of consultation and counselling in a nightlife setting that targets recreational drug users.


This Website arises from the Nightlife Empowerment & Well-being Implementation Project which has received
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