Who We Are

The TEDI Project emerged from the mutual interests of several risk reduction groups that use Drug Checking as a method for making contacts with drug users. In Europe, the latest trends and newest drugs spread rapidly from one country to another, while the mobility of recent generations of partygoers has never been greater.

TEDI noticed that, in recent years, similar drug warnings were being issued simultaneously in a number of different European countries. This lack of coordination leads to inefficiency, which can only be sufficiently addressed if nations begin sharing one another’s Drug Checking data. This will mean that nations will be able to more effectively address the issue of rapid detection of the dissemination of dangerous substances and the introduction of new drugs into Europe. TEDI's database is thus comprised of the cooperative efforts of the following groups.

Ai Laket!!

Ai laket!! is a Basque NGO comprised of former and current illicit drug users. We value learning about how we can coexist with the various available psychoactive substances from a quality and sensitivity standpoint. We seek responsible consumption and self-management of risks concerning drugs. We do not judge people who choose to consume drugs. We believe in the individual’s responsibility in decisions regarding drug use. We use a cooperative van and a big tent to establish specific locations at parties where we provide informative leaflets, condoms, and drug and alcohol testing for partygoers. We have been active in this area for over 10 years now and we are still funded by the Health issues Department of the Basque Government.



CHECK!N is a Portuguese drug Checking project that is co-financed by the Portuguese High Commissioner for Health and promoted by APDES. CHECK!N has provided drug analysis services to partygoers since 2009. The analyses are made using a thin layer chromatography system and colorimetric reagents. These methodologies enable us to detect countless dangerous illegal substances as well as common adulterants that can currently be found circulating in the black market. Our service can also be used to detect the latest market trends. For more information: check-in@apdes.pt.


Check iT!

ChEck iT! is a Vienna-based project that was established for local recreational drug users. Its chief aim is to prevent problems involving particular consumption patterns and to mitigate or reduce the short-, middle- or long-term adverse health effects. Users and potential users of psychoactive substances are provided with information and counselling areas concerning prevention and harm and risk reduction. Check iT! also operates a counselling centre and offers target group on-site services that provide direct information, counselling and drug checking at electronic music events.


DIMS (Trimbos Instituut)

The Drug and Information Monitoring System (DIMS), located at the Trimbos Institute, was founded in 1992 in an effort to prevent serious health crises associated with the circulation of street-level illicit drugs. To adequately address this issue, DIMS has contracted an independent laboratory to chemically analyse the drugs in question. This task was handled by Rotterdam’s Deltalab until 2009. In 2010, however, in an effort to reduce its costs, DIMS contracted the DSM Resolve laboratory in Geleen, the Netherlands.


Energy Control (ABD)

Energy Control is ABD's drug prevention program, which has, since 1997, developed and implemented risk-reduction strategies in the nightlife sector. This includes peer community group interventions, training for nightlife and health professionals, the publication and promotion of prevention materials, new media tools and guidelines and the development of Drug Checking programs.



Jellinek Prevention provides mental health and addiction services in Amsterdam. Jellinek offers prevention, care, in outpatient treatment and rehabilitation for people with psychiatric or addiction problems. “Unity” is Jellinek’s specific nightlife and synthetic drugs outreach harm reduction program, which is active in 7 provinces of the Netherlands. Jellinek is currently the main partner in the EU’s OASIS project.


Modus Fiesta (Modus Vivendi)

Modus Vivendi is the leading harm reduction institution in the French-speaking regions of Belgium. It has been implementing, coordinating, defining standards and evaluating harm-reduction projects related to synthetic drugs since 1995 with a drop-in centre, drug checking, health interventions at events, and bestowing its Quality Label for clubs. Modus Vivendi is also a member of the EMCDDA.


This Website arises from the Nightlife Empowerment & Well-being Implementation Project which has received
funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Health Programme